Healing self and bringing people together is what I do best. You must heal the soul before you can heal anything else. As a herbalist I focus on mental healing before anything. If your mind is not ok you are not ok. My herbal studies started as a teenager. I learn recipes from the elders of my family and the island people of my Brooklyn community. In my 20 I focus on psychology and understanding the human brain. I received my bachelor's in psychology, drug and alcohol counselor license, and also my yoga instructor certificate. I worked in the community throughout my 20s as a therapist, high risk counselor, teacher and a student advisor. While I work my full-time job, I always had a passion for food, and I started a catering company at 24. We catered for fashion week, Harlem week weddings, and more. Food is the way to the heart. Food makes you feel good. I'm a strong believer that everyone haves a gift. I feel that we should all focus on our god given gifts. That where express your love events came about. I use my gift of cooking and bringing people together to create a space for people to share their gift. I enjoy seeing people be free and happy. When I turn 30, I learn I had auto immune disease. I spent time focusing on self-healing. Through this time of healing, I learned that everything could be cured naturally.  I realized early prevention leads to a healthy and successful life. R and S Natural doors open in 2021 and we been healing the community one person at a time. With knowledge that God is first, and we are here to give to others. I feel that in life we just need a little love and some herbs and everything we be alright…

Sade Auguste

As a child, I remember how much I used to dislike taking bitter roots and herbal medicine. Me, my brother, sister, and all of my cousins that were around my age would spend most of our summer vacations from school, in Jamaica. The experience was great, except for being forced by our parents and grandparents to drink bitter roots to clean out our system. To this day, I can still see the ringworms swimming around in my poop as proof that they truly work. We learned about these natural herbal remedies when we were younger. We were both raised by Caribbean parents in New York City. They stuck with us, and we incorporated them into our daily lives. We believe them so much that we decided to promote them to the world. We didn't like the fact that our community was lacking these natural resources. We had to find a way to bring these resources to our community. That's why we got into business. We try to make sure that our neighborhood is not missing out on a holistic approach to healing ourselves. We believe it is the healthiest healing. 
Mr. Jackson…
Rashaun Jackson 


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